Fabric 30: Rub N Tug announced

The 30th edition of the Fabric CD series will be released September 2006 and comes from NYC duo Eric D and Thomas, aka Run N Tug. The album features some shuffling disco and roaring house beats, coupled with irresistibly sing-along vocals and hypnotizing guitar lines.

Eric D and Thomas met at a party (where else?) in LA, through a mutual friend working at a clothing and disco unit called Sarcastic. Random chance and coincidence soon found the two of them together on the other side of the continent, pumping beats into the heart of New York City's underground scene. Despite NYC commercialism staring them in the eyes and singing it sweet siren song, Eric and Thomas, with good mates and cheap drinks in hand, kept their feet firmly planted in the fertile underground and sauntered on with a laugh.

"We're into having a party. Music and having a drink and a good time. Our friends and family in New York all kind of gathered about us when we started to play jams. The first Rub N Tug night was a loft jam at the AsFour Siver Cage - a crazy night with 40 cases of champagne on the fire escape, fights broke out while we scratched records. At one point T played the keyboard with his bare ass. You know that kind of party. That's how it started; may it continue as it began." – Rub N Tug

Shortly after their first mix CD for aNYthing clothing company came a boisterous compilation from Eskimo called Campfire, a stylish capturing of their debauched nights/mornings at Passerby, and Rub N Tug found they'd quickly transformed from NYC scene-sters to globetrotting party starters. Remixes flowed out like tequila shots, sharp and burning, and they were soon queuing everyone from Coldplay to Beastie Boys to Roxy Music to Zero 7.


01 Intro
02 Claude VonStroke - The 7 Deadly Strokes [Neuton]
03 Royksopp - What Else Is There (The Emperor Machine Vocal Version) [Wall Of Sound/PIAS]
04 Jesse Rose - Evening Standard [Dubsided]
05 Curtis McClaine And The House - Lets Get Busy [Trax]
06 Gary Martin - Turkish Tavern [Teknotika]
07 Sir Drew - Shemale (Black Strobe Remix) [Kingsize]
08 Serge Santiago Atto D'Amor [Dub Version] Arcobaleno
09 Dondolo - Dragon (Shit Robot Remix) [Tiny Sticks]
10 Slok - Lonely Child (Satoshi Tomie 3D Remix Dub) [Saw]
11 Rufuss - No Exit [QM Records]
12 Foolish and Sly - Come A Little Closer [Cynic]
13 Nemesi - L'asteroide (Original Impact Mix) [Relish Records/Four]
14 Force Of Nature - Black Moon [Libyus Music]
15 Lifelike and Chris Menace - Discopolis [Defected]
16 Ame - Engoli [Sonar Kollektiv]
17 Mocky - Catch A Moment In Time (Ewan Pearson's Memory Blissed Remix) [Fine]

Fabric 30: Rub N Tug announced

August 5, 2006 at 10:23 AM CEST

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