An interview with Frank Lorber

The first time when Frank Lorber has released an original production was in 1994, when he created Slow Waves 01 together with this mate Pascal FEOS. From that its 12 years now and Frank Lorber is still making music and plays is various locations worldwide. Maybe do you wonder how he is still involved in the dance music scene? He is, and he will be, for at least ten years by now, as he promises.

He is the main man from the record label Nummer Schallplaten, lately he has released a compilation on Cocoon Recordings called Play. He is also on the Cocoon's DJ roaster.
Frank can be found anywhere: London, Tokyo, Madrid, Ibiza, Gent, Bucharest and many other big cities where the dance music scene has evolved a lot in the last years. He also played at some big festivals including I Love Techno, Nature One, Mystery Land and others. He has a quite long story to say from the beginnings of DJ-ing and producer till now. His music has changed and developed as he got older: techno, minimal techno, electro, tech-house, better said everything which is musically funny and attracts you electronically!
During the co-op with Stefan Straka, the idea of an own label called "nummer schallplatten" occurred. The label shall provide a platform for young artists such as 2 Dollar Egg, San Lebowsky, Project 69, Sikora, Someone Else, Erik Besier and others.

An interview with Frank Lorber

August 27, 2006 at 3:09 AM CEST

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