The New LP From Marc Houle Is Out On Minus Records

Minus Records has just released a new LP from one of the main artists from Minus, Marc Houle. His new artist album is called Bay Of Figs and contains a double 12" release with nine tracks, which is already available from September. Besides the arctic storm that is Bay of Figs, the entire LP sends a simple yet effective message through it's haunting and looming buzz.

Developing fans from vinyl to the club, the new double pack outing titled Bay Of Figs showcases new developments in his already minimal pop genius that have been tested on the road over the past few months. From the manic title track onward his sound continues to develop from a rich bed of electro pop and minimal techno, with gems that stay in the groove or contort themselves by design. On the bouncing and loose Thirds In Trees, Marc drops in live claps and bass guitar in the melodic and hooky mood reminiscent of the Kingsley classic Popcorn. But its Items and Things that highlights Houle's musicianship for synth pop while also revealing his obvious contribution another side project, Run Stop Restore (the trio with Magda and Troy Pierce).

Marc Houle's music has quickly elevated his studio prose into desired analog-soaked treasures of the dance floor. Houle's arrangements, melodies and choice effects create easy instrumentals that hold their own beauty without vocal attachments. In the past year he has remixed Slam's 'Kill The Pain' single (featuring Dot Allison) and 'Turbo Dreams' by Ellen Allien & Apparat. Between DJs championing his work in clubs and after-parties or making it an essential addition on mix albums from producers like Slam or Loco Dice, Houle is working his way to the top. His live performances from Europe to the US have doubled the impact, on tour in the US during May for the min2MAX bus tour.

Track list:

A1. Bay Of Figs
A2. Stacks And Stacks
B1. Thirds In Trees
B2. Black Jack 13
B3. Fat Cat
C1. Edaname
C2. Items And Things
D1. Lachs
D2. Manager

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The New LP From Marc Houle Is Out On Minus Records

September 20, 2006 at 7:32 PM CEST

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