The Debut Artist Album from Fitalic

Robin Fitter aka Fitalic has just release his debut album on Tribal Vision Records. 'Atomic Atmosphere' contains various tracks with a vast style including progressive house, techno and even breaks. September sees the release of his first artist album, a nine track CD, including some of the great productions signed by Fitalic.

Releasing for labels such as Vapour, Bedrock, Iboga, Sprout, Plastik Park, Nascent and Nervine, as well as majors such as Sony or EMI, Netherland based Fitalic fuses together elements of progressive house, trance, techno and breaks into a unique sound that fits very nicely into Tribal Vision's label direction for 2006. There will be also a 3 track vinyl album sampler "Atomic Atmosphere EP" coming along, featuring exclusive remix by Thomas Penton who turned the original techy-vibe track into a massive big room electro-house tune.


1.) Lost in Space
2.) Liquid Motion
3.) Atomic Atmosphere
4.) The Way
5.) Airflow
6.) Manufactured Miracles
7.) Into the Night
8.) Twisted Diffusion
9.) Distructible

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The Debut Artist Album from Fitalic

September 23, 2006 at 3:17 PM CEST

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