Martini Bros deliver new album on Poker Flat

The Brös are proud to announce the release of their first-ever digital-only album: Tracks From The Lab which is now availiable from itunes. The album contains all eight tracks from the Tracks From The Lab (Parts 1-3) 12"-series which are still available on Poker Flat. On top and as a special bonus the digital album also features the super rare vocal version of "Spoonful of lovin'" as well as the digital-only smashers "Karawane" & "Laboratory".

Mike Vamp and Dj Cle are the two Berlin based members from Martini Bros. Both can be seen as pioneers of the electronic music movement in Germany since its early days end of the eightees. Both are influential DJs with international value and combined forces and abilities in 1998 to found the project Märtini Brös, which, within 5 years has developed to one of the most interesting dance projects to date.

The digital album contains eleven tracks and it's available from this autumn on the digital record shops. Besides this great album which is already out, Poker Flat prepares a new 12" release from Dan Berkson & James What, named Cantina.


1. Spoonful of Lovin'
2. Joystick
3. Darkroom
4. W.T.U.S.
5. Lovehandles
6. Laboratory
7. Sid
8. Tulips
9. Karawane
10. Guys Tar Far High
11. Spoonful of Lovin'

Martini Bros deliver new album on Poker Flat

September 23, 2006 at 4:45 PM CEST

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