The Debut Mix CD from Tobias Becker on Platzhirsch Schallplatten

Owner of Platzhirsch Shallplatten, Tobias Becker sets up a new compilation which will be released on his record label. 'Trallafitti' will be out on November and includes a bonus CD besides the mix compilation. Some of the artists featured here are Audion, Funk D'Void, Dominick Eulberg aka Rocco Branco, The Mole, Marco Carola and many others.

'Trallafitti' is the debut mix CD for both Becker and Platzhirsch. The label was founded in 2003 and since then Tobias gathered some excellent electronic music from Dominick Eulberg aka Rocco Branco, Gabriel Ananda, Jason Emsley. Since March 2004, Tobias' records are distributed worldwide through KOMPAKT.

The first Platzhirsch release immediately enters the Groove magazine's charts at 7 and KOMPAKT's sale charts at 1 and is licensed for a number of compilations. And the second release again enters the Groove charts and according to the DE:BUG magazine it is"...this season's hottest Open Air rave record". Then, after only 7 months, Platzhirsch ranks among the Top Ten in the Groove magazine's reader's poll "Best German Label" 2004. In mid 2005, Tobias Becker founds Kahlwild, a sub-label of Platzhirsch Schallplatten. Sven Väth licenses the Kahlwild 01 release, produced by Ali Khan/Canada, for the mix CD "The sixth season"; it is also featured on André Galluzzi's "Berghain 01" mix CD. The Kahlwild 02 release gets very good reviews and is licensed for Cocoon's "Green & Blue" mix CD for D. Eulberg's "Kreucht & Fleucht" mix CD.
More gigs follow and he now has the chance of DJing together with acts like Sven Väth, Miss Kittin, Michael Mayer, etc.


1. Renato Figoli - Tanto Quanto
2. Benjamin Fehr - Risikogruppe
3. Akufen - My Way Rmx (Daniel Bell)
4. Peter F. Spiess - Awesome Noises
5. Carola Pisaturo - Gambariga
6. Styro 2000 - 15
7. Polder - Circulo Polar
8. Daze Maxim - Simply Driving Gold
9. Audion - Hot Air
10. A.Vivanco - Input Zero Rmx (Matt O'Brien)
11. Female (Remix) - Cally 2 - Sandwell District
12. Funk D'Void & Phil Kieran - White Lice Rmx (Lee van Dowski)
13. Marco Carola - Question11th A - Question
14. Gabriel Ananda - Heizkissen
15. Shed - Well Done 033472 edit
16. The Mole - In My Song
17. Taksi - Sternenstaub

Platzhirsch Bonus CD

1. Gabriel Ananda - Tropophonie
2. Rocco Branco - Catch & Release
3. Jason Emsley - Sober
4. Jason Emsley - Function
5. Gabriel Ananda - Miracel Whop
6. Rocco Branco - Kapital
7. Rocco Branco - PlŠtzen
8. Rocco Branco - Kapital (Misc. Rmx)
9. Gabriel Ananda - Doppelwhipper

The Debut Mix CD from Tobias Becker on Platzhirsch Schallplatten

September 23, 2006 at 5:25 PM CEST

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