Booka Shade got burned in Kiev, Ukraine

On the 16th of September the performance of Get Physical label, which everyone looked forward, fell through because of the fire on the scene during the PinchukArtCentre-presentation in Arena Plaza. Before the beginning of sensational events the show really delighted eyes and ears of the audience. The organizers didn't grudge for the show to look great and conceptual. One of the decorations was a big foam plastic wall, with then became the reason of the accident.

After the wall, that represented "the Black-Wall" of Ukrainian culture, was symbolically ruined, the fireworks were let off. One of the sparkles hit the carcass of the unfortunate wall... and the "show" began. The flame was so effective, that the audience accepted this as the part of performance. Nobody knows, how the organizers accepted it, but the liquidation of the fire took place only in 20 minutes, when the fire was already blazing very much. Meanwhile the brave organizers took away the Booka Shades' apparatus by their own hands. Nevertheless, some parts of it were destroyed.

What did we lose? Immediately after the wall-destroying they had planned to start the unique video-show, which should have gone in video, attending the Booka Shades' live – incredible performance, by the words of sound-check-eyewitnesses, which included the parts of keyboard and percussion instruments. It's also known, that the players of the duet admitted, that after their summer "vacation" at Ibiza they are full of strength and energy, which they want to share with Kiev's audience very much. Their concert in Kiev should have become the start-point of grand world-tour.

Yet the organizers refuse to comment the event. No one wants this accident to influence to the relationship of Booka Shades to Ukraine, 'because the fans of this duet will still hope to see them here.

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Booka Shade got burned in Kiev, Ukraine

September 26, 2006 at 10:45 PM CEST

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