James Holden to release debut album

After many expectations, the head honcho of Border Community, James Holden, sets his first artist album called "The Idiots Are Winning". The full LP will be released on Border Community this winter and contains ten tracks available in digital format, CD and vinyl from December.

After the double mix CD on Resist Music, James Holden is ready to release his very first full length album. At the Controls changed a bit the general perception of the public regarding Holden's music, so this album is very expected. With older tracks which Holden has played them for good months by now and also new tracks that didn't really get into the public's attention, the album is now chubby and ready to hit the shelves.

The album starts with an older track by Holden which first has been featured on Damian Lazarus' Suck My Deck mix released on Resist back in 2005 and also in this year's At The Controls mix compilation by James himself. The track is Lump. After Nathan Fake's applauded album, Border Community delivers another LP, and again, the artwork came from the coloring-in competition from the record label's site. The UK release is November 30th and international release is December 4th.

1. Lump
2. Quiet Drumming Interlude
3. 10101
4. Corduroy
5. Flute
6. Idiot
7. Lumpette
8. Intentionally Left Blank
9. Idiot Clapsolo
10. Quiet Drumming

James Holden to release debut album

October 4, 2006 at 5:53 PM CEST

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