A Guy Called Gerald Interview

Since the 80's, Manchester UK native, A Guy Called Gerald, born Gerald Simpson, has proven to be among the most innovative modern music figures. His influence is international, and through his versatility he has spawned genres and generations of music culture.

From his early experimentation with techno and acid house to his groundbreaking contributions to drum & bass music, GCG's art and craft has perpetually evolved regardless of his individual successes in each of those genres. He is perhaps best known for his early work in the Manchester acid house scene in the late 1980s and the track "Voodoo Ray". At that time, he specialized in techno music produced using equipment such as the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer and the TR-808 drum machine (he sourced much of his equipment from Johnny Roadhouse, a second-hand music shop on Oxford Road in Manchester).

„I make music to dance to. If you can't dance to it, it's not dance music – just like if you can't eat, it's not food. (...) I don't mean mimicking soul freedom. Prove your groove." (aguycalledgerald.com). Gerald Simpson has recently released an album called "Proto Acid / The Berlin Sessions" to the Laboratory Instinct record label, runs two record labels and has s radio show to the Japanese Samurai. Neither his schedule is poor; gigs in London, Berlin, Manchester, Montreal, Frankfurt, to name just a few. He has also released several EPs and remixes to labels such Sender, Split, Laboratory Instinct, Rephlex Records, K7, Strange Fruit, even Sony.

A Guy Called Gerald Interview

October 5, 2006 at 12:31 PM CEST

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