The Scumfrog presents Mega Scum

"MEGA SCUM" is packed to the hilt with a number of exclusive tracks, including The Scumfrog's own "Durty Extra" and his remix of The Simple Minds new single "Different World" (not available commercially in the US) Another MEGA exclusive is White Leppard's "Come Save Me;" the hot collaboration between influential members of the NYC nightlife scene (including Gaby Dershin from Astro & Glyde, Swamy - the modern day version of Michael Alig - and The Scumfrog).

Fresh off his killer run as the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed DJs Are Alive project, DJ / Producer The Scumfrog will soon release his long awaited new mix CD – "Mega Scum." This album is an attempt to inject a feeling of freshness and fun into the increasingly stale DJ Mix market. From the outrageous – if not scary – cover art to the spanking new and exclusive tracks, Mega Scum is a whole lot of fun from top to bottom.

The official record release party of Mega Scum will be held in Second Life! For those who don't know Second Life, go check it out at It makes MySpace look like black and white TV. It's a 3-D virtual world where one can live out their ultimate party fantasies. The Scumfrog will open a club in Second Life shortly after the record release party. On the production front, the always busy Scumfrog recently had his 10th number 1 club record with a remix of Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind" and is currently finishing the new Scumfrog single "Secret" with Sarah Tancer. Stay tuned for news on other brand new productions and the return of DJs Are Alive!

"Those are my balls on the cover, yes. We decided it kind of defies the purpose of a spoof when you start to Photo Shop it, so we left the balls in and tried to make it all make sense by adding the new catchphrase "Music With Balls" (perfect for Christmas)." – The Scumfrog, September 2006

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The Scumfrog presents Mega Scum

October 5, 2006 at 5:08 PM CEST

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