Jimmy Van M Interview

Jimmy Van M has built a reputation on being among the most patient and sophisticated dj's to be found globally from his opening sets to his peak-time club sessions and all the way through to the after-hours parties that he's become so famous for. His ability to deliver music ranging from the deepest of early morning sessions to the most banging and driving peak-hour main-room affairs has placed him in seemingly unlimited and ever-delightful company throughout the world.

It remains as one of the most distinguishing features of this very urbane and global performer that, for him, the music must move and then move on. When it comes to atmosphere, vibe and drive there are very few dj's that can stand alongside Jimmy Van M. Whether it's putting together a cross-country tour, programming innovative and forward thinking dance music or dj'ing to thunderous masses anywhere from Buenos Aires to Tokyo he is one of the most characteristic performers to be found anywhere.

His smooth mixing style, creative programming and talent for production have placed him among the elite of today's DJs. With several single releases for labels such Bedrock, Regress, Subliminal, Sunkissed Records and Regress, people found Jimmy Van M as a distinctive producer who knows how to rock the dance floor, how to warm up things and how to induce a feel of euphoria, but also nostalgia with his music.

Last Friday, October the 6th, Beat Factor catched the electronic dance music pioneer Jimmy Van M while having a gig in Bucharest in Kristal Glam Club. As he entered at the decks around 1:30, we had some time to chat about his music, about the Balance mix CD, about gigs, about Jimmy Van M...
He came up to the club with a brand new pair of headphones, a Mac, a bag of CDs and the movie Indiana Jones, just in case. As he is always on the road, his DJ bag started to be transformed in a simple traveling luggage.

Jimmy Van M Interview

October 9, 2006 at 2:46 PM CEST

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