Alex Smoke and his brand new Sci Fi Hi Fi

After Ewan Pearson and Luciano, the Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. mix CD series continues with label Soma homeboy Alex Smoke for the third installment in its Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi mix CD series. This year, the debut album 'Paradolia' of Alex Smoke was praised for its capture on the complex long player system. Since 2004, Alex became devoted to Soma Recordings and released here a various amount of tracks.

Alex recorded his 'Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi' mix live, using mostly vinyl and a dash of his own unreleased tracks on CD. The mix doesn't feature the hottest tunes around, but the most suitable that can be included in a Smoke DJ set. Artist such as Burial, Basic Channel or The Vision may sweeten the atmosphere, while Thomas Brinkmann or Alex's own productions included a different fresh vision upon electronic music. The Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi Volume 3 mix compilation will be released on October 30th at Glasgow based Soma record label.

The next Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi experimentation will be accomplished by Andrew Weatherall.

'Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi Volume 3' Tracklist

1. Porn Sword Tobacco - Najat Library Card (City Centre Offices)
2. Burial - Gutted (Hyperdub)
3. Basic Channel - Radiance (Basic Channel)
4. Model 500 - M69 Starlight (R&S)
5. Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Version (Basic Reshape) (Burial Mix)
6. Troy Pierce - 25 Bitches (Gaiser Remix) (minus)
7. Stewart Walker Vs Theorem - Minor Explosions (Minus)
8. Add Noise - Loose Wire (AC Version) (Earsugar)
9. Aril Brikha - Aqua (Transmat)
10. The Vision - Detroit: One Circle (Metroplex)
11. Thomas Brinkmann - Xenia (Max Ernst)
12. Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind (Claro Intelecto)
13. Musica Charlista - Juan & Alex (Apnea)
14. EPY - Faktum (Trust)
15. Alex Smoke - Pingu (Vakant)
16. Quixote - Squat (Unreleased)
17. Alex Smoke - Always & Forever (Vapid Mix) (Seventh Sign)
18. 2000 & One - Fokuz (Eevolute)

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Alex Smoke and his brand new Sci Fi Hi Fi

October 18, 2006 at 11:18 AM CEST

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