Marco Carola to set up Fabric 31

For the their 31st compilation, Fabric chose this time the Italian techno Dj, Marco Carola. The Dj mix is due to be released at the beginning of November all over the world. Marco Carola makes a big step forward with this new mix compilation, which settled up between loads og gigs.

Although it's hard to believe, but this is the first compilation that Marco Carola has ever mixed. Why is that? He dots the I himself: "I was probably waiting for the right time to do a mix CD. I think a mix CD is something that has to be – it's different, you don't really listen in a club. You probably listen in the car, or at home, in the office...what I'm actually playing today could be listened to everywhere. So I think it made me realise it was really, really the time to do something like this. There are many, many mix CDs out and I didn't want to be just one of them, like a normal mix CD. I wanted to do something a little special. With Fabric, with the attention they put on the artist and label, it's good."

From what the Dj says and from what we can see just glimpsing at the playlist, the compilation sounds like a great work, something that it was really worth wating for.


01 - Matt John - Io - Underl_ne
02 - erikOtanabE - Eclat and Prudo (Alfa Romero Rmx) - MiniSketch
03 - Chris Carrier - Sure Shot - Adult Only
04 - Marek Bois - You Got Good Ash (Gabriel Ananda Rmx) - Trapez
05 - Fusiphorm - I! (Someone Else Rmx) - FoundSound
06 - Timo Anttila - Nakuta - Frozen North
07 - Barem - Cilindro - FoundSound
08 - Mathias Kaden - Snowman - We Are
09 - Paco Osuna - Cretine - Plus 8
10 - Fraktion - Acidrop - Resopal Schallware
11 - Marc Houle - Kicker - Minus
12 - Audio Werner - Onandon - Perlon
13 - Dolly La Parton - Whenever - Bemysheep
14 - Microfunk aka 2000 and One and Dave Ellesmere - Pecan - Remote Area Records
15 - Details - Change - Loose
16 - Dario Zenker - newbe (Heartthrob's are u gay Remix) - Esperanza
17 - Ernie - Escarabajos - Signs Of Authority
18 - Alex Smoke - Plunder - Soma

Marco Carola to set up Fabric 31

October 18, 2006 at 5:23 PM CEST

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