Audio Therapy Autumn Winter Edition 2006

The 6th on November is going to be an important day for Audio Therapy record label. Since music goes along with fashion, this label is due to release the new autumn/winter compilation.

After the Spring/Summer Edition, containing some of their best releases, is time for Audio Therapy Autumn Winter Edition 2006. Only this time we are talking about 10 exclusive tracks, never released before in any format. Producers like Pole Folder, Lewie Day, Habersham, Nick & John Dalagelis and many others will be the ones to take the credit for the new compilation.

As DJs continue to move away from vinyl, Audio Therapy believe CDs will be the main way music is delivered for the near future. But to make everything much easier, Audio Therapy will release the compilation via digital way too and for those amongst you who enjoy the old-world tradition of playing vinyl, they have done a limited edition 1000 copy run of two individual vinyls to accompany the releases. Audio samples and more information can be found over on the Therapy Music website.


1 Shlomi Aber ¬ Tel Aviv Garden ¬ Shlomi¹s Twisted Dub
2 MK Ultra Project ¬ Gamma Radio ¬ 16 Bit Lolita¹s Remix
3 Lewie Day - Striptease
4 Swain & Paris ¬ Tykes Groove - Mindaugelis & Andrius Alien Remix
5 Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler ¬ Fred¹s Kiss
6 Habersham ¬ Where¹s My Dub?
7 Pole Folder - Over
8 Nick & John Dalagelis - R2 Units Gone Wild ¬ G Pal¹s RR Mix
9 Stelios Vassiloudis - Teething
10 Sean Quinn ¬ Relentless

Audio Therapy Autumn Winter Edition 2006

October 23, 2006 at 4:39 PM CEST

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