Josh Wink talks to Beat Factor

Josh Wink is one of the veteran artists of electronic music, if we just look at his musical background. DJ, label manager and above all that electronic music producer, Josh Wink distinguished himself through the subtlety of entering the listeners' minds. He managed to make the ones who listened to house music understand what techno is and the techno purists to listen to house.

We managed to have a chat with Josh Wing before his gig in Studio Martin, a club in Bucharest. A little sleepy, the American DJ (more exactly, native of Philadelphia) was very co-operant and funny, short-haired (maybe this sounds weird, but yes!) and dressed casual. He brought with him just a case full of CDs which he updates as often as possible; a pair of very small headphones (actually some very small headphones) and a copy of his latest material Profound Sound volume 3, of which we will tell you later.

Josh Wink talks to Beat Factor

October 24, 2006 at 12:15 PM CEST

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