Gabriel and Dresden present the brand new Dangerous Power

Released on Organized Nature, 'Dangerous Power' is Gabriel & Dresden's latest achievement. The dynamic duo worked with two world-class vocalists, on their recently released self-titled debut artist album. ³Dangerous Power² is one of four tracks on the LP featuring Jan, his highly distinctive vocal style is perfectly suited to G&D¹s melodic music, as is his passion for poetry, The Doors, and Pink Floyd.

The LP release has backed up by an extensive world DJ tour schedule that
kicked off with an album listening party at the 2006 Winter Music Conference, has passed through the UK and Europe in the summer months, headed to the Far East, and is currently blowing audiences away across the USA. Such a global schedule has given Josh & Dave the opportunity to fine-tune ³Dangerous Power² live, and produce a new ³Gabriel & Dresden Extended Mix², for this single release. They have also drafted in some hot remixers to work their magic.

Cicada are one of the most talked about electronic bands in the UK. They comprise Aaron Gilbert (also known as Mr Natural), Alex Payne. Both were born out of the electronic scene, but with an equal dislike of musical boundaries, which gives an indication of where their sound lies. Here they
rebuild ³Dangerous Power² into a powerful rock-edged monster, utilizing some
superb guitar feedback histronics.

Northern Ireland¹s Discount Rhinos have been bashing out some top quality music recently. Their Gnarls Barkley ³Crazy² remix, and ³The Drop², have been hammered by club DJs and radio stations alike, and Josh & Dave love Œem. Here they get all twisted with their ³Rucky Dubber Mix², fuelling it with the latest bleep-nology, dipping to a rather tasty piano breakdown, and building up to some pure anthemic dancefloor attitude. DJ tool freaks can also get creative with the clever ³Discount Rhinos Acappella².

Kuffdam & Plant are another hot act to watch. Kuffdam hails from Scotland
and Plant for Cyprus, which creates an exotic European blend of musical creativity, and some rather good trance music to boot, as exhibited on their powerful acidic tinged percussive rework.

"People have come to expect that dance music is devoid of meaning," says Josh Gabriel. "We make music with lyrics and choruses, music that is emotive with melodies and meaning." (...) "We think of ourselves as a band that uses dance music to express ourselves," says Josh. "Both of us grew up with bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure, and our music harks back to that harmonic kind of feeling."

Gabriel and Dresden present the brand new Dangerous Power

October 31, 2006 at 7:51 PM CET

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