The Glimmers and their new mix CD for FabricLive

The Glimmers' affinity with artistic freedom comes shining through on Fabriclive 31. They shimmer with a highly surprising collection of classic tracks, each as extraordinary as the next, that synchronize and blend together with an unparalleled synergy. Rock out in the back of the classroom with a history lesson taught by The Glimmers, where spread across the chalkboard are some of the most influential beat pioneers.

The Glimmers are two peas from a rare breed of pod; both Benoelie and Mo are alight and burning with an enviable passion that so few people possess. It's the kind of zeal that keeps them enthusiastic about every gig, the kind of love that keeps them viewing their expansive 20-year career as nothing more than a paid hobby ("We are unemployed. We just play music."), the kind of fascination that keeps them still yearning to find the name of a record they heard almost 25 years ago (true story). Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, the party capital that later birthed Soulwax/2ManyDJs, The Glimmers both fell deeply under music's spell at a young age.

The two were undoubtedly a likely duo: Mo, a rapt child dazzled by the scratch-coated records disposed from his family bar's jukebox, was avidly building his own record collection, while Benoelie grew from a family deeply rooted in nightlife and party culture. At the ripe age of 16, old enough to DJ but too young to drink, they found themselves gigs together at a local bar called Mistral. A few years later, their residency at a club called Fifty Five saw them sweating out 11-hour marathon sets every week; workouts that nurtured their flexible attitude and inimitable style.


01 - Roxy Music – Same Old Scene (Glimmers Remix) - Virgin
02 - Fingerprintz – Wet Job - Virgin
03 - The League Unlimited Orchestra – Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Instrumental Remix) - EMI
04 - Pop Dell' Arte – No Way Back - Different
05 - The Glimmers – Kobe's In Columbia - Diskimo
06 - Prins Thomas Vs. Blackbelt Andersen – En Real Tjukkas - Trailerpark
07 - The Holy Ghost – The Word (The Dub) – Holy Ghost Inc
08 - Sons and Daughters – Dance Me In (JD Twitch and The Truffle Club's Optimo Remix) - Domino
09 - Neal Howard – The Gathering – Neal Howard
10 - Freddie Mercury – Love Kills (More Oder ReWork By The Glimmers) - EMI
11 - Mekon – Boy Bitten featuring Rita Brown (Padded Cell Remix) – Wall Of Sound/Pias
12 - Freeez – I.O.U. (I.Dub.U.) – Beggars Banquet
13 - Chris 'The Glove' Taylor and David Storrs – Reckless - Universal
14 - George Kranz – Din Daa Daa – George Kranz
15 - LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator - DFA
16 - Urban Jungle – Bad Man (Black Dog Bite Mix) - Virgin
17 - Black Slate – Sticks Man – CNR
18 - Urban Jungle – Bad Man (Black Dog Bite Mix) - Virgin

Release Dates: Fabric First Members: 20/11/06 UK/R.O.W. Retail: 04/12/06 USA: 23/01/06

The Glimmers and their new mix CD for FabricLive

October 31, 2006 at 8:12 PM CET

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