The Fifth Poker Flat Label Compilation

Poker Flat Recordings proudly presents it's fifth label compilation! 'Bets n Bluffs' features the essence of the Poker Flat single-releases from the current season as well as a preview on things to come plus some brandnew exclusive tracks. The fifth Poker Flat statement features Steve's Berlin based inmates such as Guido Schneider, Martin Landsky and Martini Bros well as internatinally well reputed producers like Trentemoller, John Tejada, Luciano, Patrick Chardronnet or Martin Buttrich.

From bare and trippy minimal techno of Argy's huge hit 'Love Dose' or Berkson's 'What's If I Was A Man' to Trentemoller's bombastic 'Always Something Better', from funky hipshakers Bug & Tanzmann's 'Shock' or Chardronnet's 'Shake It' to quirky soundscapes - the album covers the full range of modern electronic cutting edge music.

With a fine tradition there are six tracks which have been exclusively produced for this album by John Tejada & Bilal Bashir, Dan Berkson & James What, Steve Bug & Clé, Philippe Autuori and Jamie Jones and only these exclusives are included on the double-vinyl version of the album. On the second CD "Poker Flat Volume 5" features a superb bonus-mix by Martin Landsky. Martin has been member of the Poker Flat family since the early days and apart from his album "In Between" (pfrcd04) he released eight fantastic singles on Poker Flat - most recently the clubhit "1000 Miles" (/w Loco Dice remix). Martin created an excellent live-tuntable mix with a groovy flow which will attract both clubbers and home-listeners. Altogether "Poker Flat Volume 5" is a huge package including 24 modern, state of the art songs in the field of techy & reduced House and Techno from one of the coolest labels around.

The Fifth Poker Flat Label Compilation

November 2, 2006 at 8:43 AM CET

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