Martinez restructures layers on Out of Orbit

Techno has always been a musical genre driven by novelty and technology. Fast kicks and new sounds, feelings and experiences is what we cherish. The ability to projecting the listeners "out there" into the final frontiers or space and sound has always been the goal of all extraordinary techno music.

Surfing on that metaphysical edge the audience can leave behind the mundane in order to indulge in a few hours of relentless and intense absorption
and escapism. But getting people there is getting harder and harder all the time as the competition is intensifying and the fresh, new ideas less so. To simply make a "normal" mix cd was never an option for Out of Orbit. They knew they had to make something special for our new and old listeners with our first cd release.

Using cutting edge technology and displaying in what direction the future of mixing might take; Triple-O wants to present "Restructured Layers". A megamix of our musical catalogue, for all you people out there who have been looking for a way to their our music in a comfortable way without getting into vinyl. Perfectly Geared to fit in between both a sweaty club experience and a nice home listening session, hopefully this cd brings out the best of both worlds. Mastermixed by labelboss Martinez this cd is an extension of his acclaimed dj gigs, bringing you a mix experience of absolute world-class. And for the real Triple-O heads out there who already own most of our releases, this cd will not make you disappointed since this mix was created equally with you in mind as well! With all our releases cut up into loops and pieces, Martinez have woven a beautiful and intricate carpet of sounds, putting two and two together in order to create something bigger and more beautiful than its mere parts.

Blending parts and pieces from the orbit catalogue Martinez have managed to do what most djs aspire to do, create something artistically new through the way he blends the back catalogue. Pure Alchemy in other words! When does the mixing start and the mixing end? Another impossible question in this case as the full cd is a constant mix throughout the full 76 minutes. I'm not even sure if there are any parts where the music is allowed to play by itself. Blending pieces of up to 7 or 8 different tracks at the same time, we are sure you've never heard anything exactly like this although Richie Hawtins DE9 record would be the closest in terms of mixing technology.

01. Phil Stumpf - Borderline
02. Willie Graff & Kyle Errison - Synergetic
03. Martinez - Chordripper
04. Nima Gorji - Determination
05. Reynold - Abstract Cream
06. Lowtek Soundsystem - Digital Dirt
07. Zvukbroda - BR (Martinez Central Europe Express mix)
08. Dibaba - Lovetrain (Martinez Triple-o Adjustement)
09. Mars Fellows - Sin
10. Felix Houzer - Mandolina
11. Jussi Pekka - Stereo Interleaved (Martinez Triple-O Adj)
12. Martinez - Eternal Mind
13. Robert Babicz - The Cloudpainter
14. Trentemoller - Beta boy
15. Martinez - Minimal Deepness
16. Cantrip People - Fool for a night
17. Ibn Al-Khimyia - Rendevous at Night

release date: 12.01.2007

Martinez restructures layers on Out of Orbit

November 3, 2006 at 8:54 AM CET

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