Senor Villalobos is back on Playhouse

Roll out the red carpet for his 'Fizheuer Zieheuer' monster which is no longer than 37 minutes! Of course it had to be divided it into 2 parts to bring it on the vinyl, but it still is a wicked tune. Ricardo Villalobos will also have a few goodies released on Perlon ('What's Wrong My Friends') and Lo - Fi Stereo ('Heike') at the end of this year.

It's around for a while now and a special secret weapon in Ricardo's sets all over the world, causing mayhem wherever he plays it! 100% pure hypnosis, this track plays with certain sounds that you would not really expect from this minimal master in the first place... But it's the way he's using these East European horns which is done so well and their integration in the beats that makes the track so exciting. There are slight changes throughout the whole 37 minutes, morphing and transforming itself and these twisted melodic horn stabs all the time, sucking you deeper and deeper into a very very special state of mind... It's definitely an experience and worth a try!


A - Fizheuer Zieheuer
B - Fizheuer Zieheuer Pt. 2


1 - Villalobos – Fizheuer Zieheuer (37:09)
2 - Villalobos – Fizbeast (35:30)

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Senor Villalobos is back on Playhouse

November 3, 2006 at 10:05 AM CET

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