Martinez interview

Martinez is a 25 years old DJ and electronic music producer, based in Denmark. He hails from Sweden but moved in Copenhagen in 2000. This enabled him to put even more time and energy into his music productions. Read below an interview with Martinez for Beat Factor.

Martinez is also a label owner. Out of Orbit Recordings saw a few good releases from Trentemoller, Nima Gorji, Felix Houzer, Dibaba, Lowtek Soundsystem, Martinez and others. Martinez has also had two tracks signed to the well reputed Get Physical label out of Berlin and Steve Bug's Audiomatique ("Shadowboxing") and recently he released his first mix compilation on Out Of Orbit, called Restructured Layers.

At the moment Martinez is touring worlwide, he produces electronic music, described as a "megamix of our musical cata¬logue, for all you people out there who have been looking for a way to enjoy our music in a comfortable way without getting into vinyl".

Martinez interview

November 9, 2006 at 2:35 PM CET

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