An interview with John Acquaviva

John Acquaviva is a pioneer of new music and ideas. Arguably one of the hottest DJs and producers around, John Acquaviva breaks through at number 22 on the dj Mag Top 100 worldwide music fan poll! Starting off as a clubber and fan of dance music in the final days of Disco during the late 70's, John turned his passion into a life's work and commitment.

John was one of the first people to take notice and embrace electronic music's digital future at the dawn of 2000. First, John got involved with and championed Final Scratch as a new way for DJ's and artists to work, present and play club music. Following its success, John subsequently took another big step and helped launch, which has established itself as the club music aficionado's go-to shop for dance and electronic music.

As an artist, John is proudly teamed up, working and releasing with BLUFIN, Mantra, and Great Stuff Recordings. As well, he continues to discover, release and promote the next wave of djs and artists on his labels Definitive and SAS featuring the likes of Damon Gee and Olivier Giacomotto, Eduardo Rossel, Alan Bauer and others (who can be found on

Beat Factor caught with him at the hotel and had the opportunity to interview him.

An interview with John Acquaviva

November 15, 2006 at 9:52 AM CET

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