The film Feiern - Dont Forget to Go Home

The documentary Feiern was released in May and was directed by Maja Classen. The film includes interviews with Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Ewan Pearson. The documentary film "Feiern" presents people whose nights don't stop for 72 hours. Their stories are about tenderness, excess, and self-destruction. About the search for happiness and the fear of being alone.

The film contains 19 conversations, 56 nights, and 13 tracks. As Cornelius Tittel says, "Feiern shows them getting down – sweaty, dazed, deliriously happy. People who dedicate their lives to music, clubs and drugs talk about their experiences.They tell stories of self-destruction as well as tenderness. And every one of them is about the search for happiness: about that perfect moment of collective ecstasy, about the right record being played at the right time, about talking for eight hours to a complete stranger, who you adopt as your best friend – for the night."

Distribution started in october 2006 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Other countries may import the DVD. The DVD is subtitled in German, English, French and Spanish. The package also contains an audio CD as bonus, including 13 representative tracks for the minimal scene in Berlin. The DVD can be found via Intergroove, or online at for 20 euros.

Bonus CD Tracklist:

01. Hey-O-Hansen - Moon
02. Isolée – Krypt
03. Pigon – Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging
04. Gater – Taboo
05. My My – Serpentine
06. Seelenluft – Manila (Ewan Pearson remix)
07. D'ntel – This is the Dream of Evan and Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt remix)
08. Keith Tucker - Detroit Saved My Soul
09. Und - Coccopuffs
10. Lopazz – I Need Ya
11. DJ Naughty – Rojo Caliente
12. Plastikman – Ping Pong
13. Âme - Rej

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The film Feiern - Dont Forget to Go Home

November 20, 2006 at 5:10 PM CET

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