Audiojelly Launches Independent Artists Store

Having recently completed upgrades to the Audiojelly Store, the team behind Europe's leading dance music download portal have now launched a new store for independent artists across the world. is the first dedicated download store in dance music to give independent artists the opportunity to showcase and sell their music to a global consumerbase. With one of the highest royalty rates on the internet for download sales, Ajtunes will change the landscape for unsigned artists, giving them the platform to promote their music with high profile coverage, as well as earning arguably the best income for sales of their music.

Co-founder of Audiojelly Ricky Simmonds commented "With the recent upgrades to the main Audiojelly store, we now have better navigation, a better layout and a much more comprehensive system for customers buying music from their favourite labels and artists. We have chosen to implement all these features over the last few months, prior to launching the AJtunes store, which we believe is a long overdue service for the thousands of independent artists around the world who have music that is not signed to a label."

Audiojelly were one of the first of the dance download stores created, launching in 2004. Since then, they have also worked closely with many labels, powering their own download stores within their existing websites. The client list ranges from large label groups such as Baroque and Armada, to some of the longest running and most successful labels of the last fifteen years including , Nukleuz, Hooj Choons, Azuli and Bonzai Music.

With almost 2000 labels now signed to the Audiojelly store, Ricky said their label partners were looking at the new AJTunes store as a fantastic new A & R opportunity - "Our label partners will be monitoring the site on a regular basis to find new music that might suit their own label rosters. We were very consious of the fact that all artists who create an account to sell through should have an equal opportunity when it comes to promoting their music."

Audiojelly Launches Independent Artists Store

November 22, 2006 at 2:39 PM CET

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