A Message From Kickers: Go Do Something

Kickers has always been loved by doers, not thinkers. Inspired by this heritage, their new Go Do Something campaign is a rallying, inspirational cry to creative minds, free-thinkers, bloggers, music-makers and individual spirits nationwide, encouraging them to take action, tell the world about their passions and make them happen.

Kickers has been on the feet of everyone from 1960s Paris student revolutionaries to Mods and more recently the pioneers of the Garage, Grime and Rock 'n' Roll scenes. They're not asking people to start a revolution or take to the streets about global warming it's about taking positive action to make things better in your own way, whether it be travelling the world, releasing a record or even growing a beard

The campaign's HQ is at GoDoSomething.co.uk, where you can read about existing 'revolutions', get ideas to start your own and use 'The Brick Wall' noticeboard to upload and share your own pictures, mp3's, movies, whatever to show the world exactly what you've gone and done.

To really get those ideas out of your head and into real life, they've created The Pledger. Kickers want to know what you want to do before you pop your clogs, so you can go online and use The Pledger to send us your promise, upload your photo and pass it on to your mates. And just in case you need even more reason to turn your pledge into action, over the first two weeks of December, they'll be installing two giant screens in London and Manchester where your pledge will be projected on a MASSIVE scale for all to see...so there's no chickening-out!

A Message From Kickers: Go Do Something

November 27, 2006 at 3:21 PM CET

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