Soma to Release 2006 Compilation

Soma trully is a label that has supported and promoted techno, electro and other different forms of electronic music for over 15 years by now. With the fifteen years in the music business, Soma is now releasing a new mix compilation.

Based in Glasgow, Soma Quality Recordings has made from talented but unknown artists, some prolific DJs and electronic music producers. Some of the artists which are featured on this compilation are Soma regular producers. Talents such as Funk D' Void, Alex Smoke, Silicone Soul, Slam, My Robot Friend, Repeat Repeat and others offered and still bring at the forefront of the dance music scene some amazing productions.

One of the CDs is hosted by Soma founders, Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle, two DJs and producers hailing from Glasgow. The name Slam is today strongly bounded to Soma, so they offered a unique mix for this double CD compilation.

Soma Compilation 2006 tracklist:

Disk 1:

01. Alex Smoke 'Make My Day' (Lusine Dub Remix)
02. The Black Dog 'Riphead' v2
03. Octogen 'Cside' (10 Tech Mix by Silicon)
04. Alex Smoke 'Meany' (Matt John Remix)
05. Repeat Repeat 'Bounce Your Body to the Box'
06. Alex Smoke 'Never Want To See You Again' (Slam Remix)
07. Silicone Soul 'The Snake Charmer'
08. My Robot Friend 'Swallow'
09. Funk D'void + Phil Kieran 'Tick Tick Tick'
10. My Robot Friend 'Dial 0' (Modeselektor Remix)
11. The Separatists 'Audiomer'

Disc 2: Slam mix

01. The Black Dog 'Mental Ward Sleep Machine'
02. Alex Smoke 'Intro'
03. Vector Lovers 'Boulevard'
04. Alex Smoke 'Meany' (Matt John Remix)
05. Funk D Void 'Can't Get Enough of a Bad Thing'
06. Slam 'Positive Education' (Richie Hawtin's Stripped Mix)
07. The Separatists 'Krockit'
08. The Separatists 'Shake U Down'
09. Alex Smoke 'Snider'
10. Funk D Void & Phil Kieran 'Black Worm'
11. My Robot Friend 'Dial Zero' (ModeSelektor Remix)
12. Schatrax 'Mispent Years' (Silicone Soul mix)
13. Slam 'Groovelock'
14. Adam Beyer/Jesper Dahlback 'Redemption'
15. Repeat Repeat 'City of Angels'
16. Funk D Void & Phil Kieran 'White Lice'
17. Skintrade 'Andomraxxes'
18. Repeat Repeat 'Bombardier'

Soma to Release 2006 Compilation

November 30, 2006 at 4:05 PM CET

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