Some answers from King Unique

King Unique are two guys called Matt who make rough-edged dirty house music, Matthew Roberts and Matt "Watkins" Thomas, a pair of studio junkies with a taste for bulldozer beats and sick synthesizers. Their music has turned up everywhere from Hollywood soundtracks to mobile ringtones, not to mention countless compilations and mix albums.

Their decks'n'fx DJ sets have made them regulars in some of the world's most respected clubs and biggest festivals, while the "King Unique Broadcast" radio mix series regularly airs to countries across the globe. On the very few days they aren't making tracks in the studio or diving into DJ booths the Matts can be found chopping up the very latest cool and dirty music from across the globe, reassembling it into the "King Unique Broadcast" radio mix series.

Broadcast through an ever increasing network of stations from Argentina to Iceland, these are no ordinary radio mixes; each KU Broadcast features dozens of tracks, with single tunes built from pieces of three or four different records, cut up and re-assembled into exclusive King Unique edits and mash-ups.

Some answers from King Unique

December 2, 2006 at 3:22 PM CET

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