Chris Sterio Winter 2006 Column

Our columnist Chris Sterio has write down a new column. He speaks about the annual Source of Gravity trip to the USA and about his Source of Gravity record label, coming up with two new releases. Chris Sterio is label manager/owner of Source of Gravity, Gravitation and Source of Gravity Digital. He is also a DJ and producer.

Chris Sterio's journey in the world of dance music, has been one that has been different than most. His inspirational creation of Source of Gravity has taken him to the far corner the globe in every sense of the word. Trying his hand at every aspect of the creative process has been key. The running of his now 3 labels Source of Gravity and Gravitation Records, Source of Gravity Digital, DJing in clubs and providing mixes for radio stations in over 15 countries, producing tracks with some of the progressive scene's maverick producers, as well as reviewing and promoting events has seen Source of Gravity and Chris Sterio spread to almost every corner of the worldwide dance scene.

Chris Sterio Winter 2006 Column

December 11, 2006 at 12:04 PM CET

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