Paul van Dyk working with Positiva Records

Well known and respected DJ and producer, Paul van Dyk has signed to Positiva for the UK and will release his latest single "Nothing But You" on 30 June. The track features Hemstock and Jennings, with vocals from Jan Johnston and Kym, and will come with remixes from Faithless and Cirrus. Also, his upcomming album, "Reflections" – with a number of as yet undisclosed collaborators – should be released in September. Paul has stated... "Positiva have been there since the beginning of dance music - releasing ground breaking records and having hits. I have a lot of respect for Jason, Ben and the whole team. I am very excited about my new album and the prospect of working with Positiva - they have made me feel very welcome as an artist." Paul will remain with Mute for his U.S releases.

Label Profile: Positiva
source: Burnt It Blue

Paul van Dyk working with Positiva Records

May 30, 2003 at 1:29 PM CEST

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