John Dahlback artist album Heroes under the Hug alias

Sweden's No. 1 country boy and techno machine John Dahlbäck has proven, that it is possible to release three records a week, without totally damaging the profile - as many people predicted! After his brand-new album 'At The Gun Show' released on his well-established own label Pickadoll, which occasionally is the Swedish word for gun, John Dahlback will release on Kompakt a new album called 'Heroes'.

Over the last 5 years John has put out more records than anyone else on the planet including BB King and Phil Collins. The essence that is keeping his style so fresh definitely is his unique ability to combine various layers of melodies and bass lines and arrange them into perfect & innovative dance tune blue prints.

In January 2007, John Dahlback will release a new album on Kompakt, under his alias Hug.

'At The Gun Show' perfectly sums up all of his 12'es for Pickadoll - the melodic and slightly dark 'synthie' touch, the slamming drums and the pumping and harsh basses. This will wreak the havoc in international clubsylavania! The main focus of his music is the dance floor and the titles on this LP are no exception. 14 club monsters of fresh & exciting electro with a strong house and techno influence.

Tracklist Hug - Heroes:

01. Raido
02. Tiny Stars
03. Fluteorgie
04. Tactic Without Practice
05. Sub
06. The Platform
07. Room of Rum
08. Heroes
09. My Dinosaur
10. Birds
11. Tons of None
12. Ask for It

Tracklist John Dahlback - At The Gun SHow:

01. John Dahlbäck ft. Yota - Get Over It [Original]
02. John Dahlbäck - Our Song [Original]
03. John Dahlbäck - Lane Of Love [Original]
04. John Dahlbäck - See My Show [Original]
05. John Dahlbäck - Express [Original]
06. John Dahlbäck - Eight Of Five [Original]
07. John Dahlbäck - Don't Speak [Original]
08. John Dahlbäck - S for E [Original]
09. John Dahlbäck - The Old Woods [Original]
10. John Dahlbäck - Metro [Original]
11. John Dahlbäck - Somebody's Outside [Original]
12. John Dahlbäck - Liar [Original]
13. John Dahlbäck - Short Terms [Original]
14. John Dahlbäck - Leave The Breadcrumbs [Original]

John Dahlback artist album Heroes under the Hug alias

December 14, 2006 at 4:40 PM CET

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