Cadenza Split Compositions, a new series of releases

Luciano's record label Cadenza Records presents a new series of releases, under the name of Cadenza Split Compositions. Each edition of the Cadenza Split Composition will consist of four sides of vinyl broken out into several skeletal rhythm tracks and a handful of supplementary parts: ambient fantasias, shimmering drones, treated vocals, electro-acoustic collages.

The release concept expands upon the old idea of DJ-tools, both in terms of format and the music itself. Drawing not only from techno but also from jazz, musique concrete, and 20th Century composition, the individual elements of every Split Composition release are also meant to stand on their own. In addition to being tools, they work as tangible traces of the artist's creative process—minimalist sketches of a lone idea or a single mood.

The first record in the series comes from Luciano. The idea stems from his uncompromising, experimental approach to DJing as well as from his many collaborative projects, including Sense Club and Narodniki. You can listen a preview here.

A1 Keridos
B1 Saulitude
C1 Le Chant
C2 Inner Sirenes
C3 Tonerres
C4 Afghan Birds
C5 Alternated Tones
D1 Somewhere Near His Heart

Cadenza Split Compositions, a new series of releases

December 29, 2006 at 3:48 PM CET

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