Armin van Buuren: 76 CD Album is Out

Today is a very important day for Armin's musician career as is the official release date for his first artist album, simply called "76". After producing compilations like "A State of Trance"(which is also the name of his Thursday night show on ID&T Radio) or "Transparence" and tracks like "Yet Another Day" or "Sunburn", his album finally saw the lights of day! To celebrate this big release, a special party will be hosted at the Asta in Hague, Holland on June 20th.

After that, Armin will be touring through Holland a bit, in Tilburg, Groningen and Amsterdam. "76" contains 76 minutes of audio for your listening pleasure, including collaborations with artists such as Ray Wilson, Krezip, Ferry Corsten, Juistine Suissa, Victoria Horn and Airwave and only a few old songs, like Communication, Yet Another day, the rest being only hot new material. Definitely a must have in your CD collection.

76 official tracklisting:

1. Prodemium
2. Precious
3. Yet Another Day (Featuring Ray Wilson)
4. Burned With Desire (Featuring Justine Suissa)
5. Blue Fear 2003
6. From The Heart (Featuring System F)
7. Never Wanted This (Featuring Justine Suissa)
8. Astronauts
9. Stay (Featuring Krezip)
10. Wait For You (Song For The Ocean) (Featuring Victoria Horn)
11. Sunburn
12. Communication
13. Slipstream (Featuring Airwave)

On his new redesigned web site,
, u can find samples, pics and all there is to know about the album. You can buy it on-line at

Armin van Buuren: 76 CD Album is Out

June 16, 2003 at 6:09 PM CEST

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