Jesse Somfay new album released at Archipel

Archipel, the record label of DJ and producer Pheek, has just prepared a big surprise for its fans for the end of 2006. More precisely, at the end of December, the producer Jesse Somfay released a LP which is now available online on Beatport and Kompakt, two of the biggest online music stores.

The Canadian Jesse Somfay has started making music three years ago, and since then until now, his productions have been released at record labels like Traum Schallplatten, Budenzauber Recordings, Archipel and recently Manual Music.

His new album has a rather pretentious title [Of Ancestral infernos and Lysergic (Lost tales of 03'04)], but it is very representative for the deep house scene, but also for the minimal house one and for his musical producer as well.


1. Getting Some Sleep in your memories
2. Walking the Sunshine
3. Calea
4. Stringa Strapatta
5. Arabica
6. Charisma Dreams
7. This Matchbox is my home
8. Small Pebbled Forest (original)
9. Stuck Somewhere different than before
10. We Didn't want to but we did it just the same

Jesse Somfay new album released at Archipel

January 8, 2007 at 9:13 PM CET

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