Depeche Mode musical package is complete on iTunes

Depeche Mode released in December a complete package of their productions, which is available on iTunes. 'Definitive Digital Boxset' has all that the band has released until now, exclusively for one of the very well known online music sites.

Released on the 19th of Decembe, 'The Complete... Depeche Mode: Definitive Digital Boxset' contains :

- all the 11 studio albums (including 6 re-mastered versions);
- all the singles and parts B;
- the two live classical albums;
- the 8 live tracks from the DVD "Touring The Angle";
- the 2 single collections;
- album The Remixes 81>04;
- the 6 singles packages;
- the packages 7 and 8 which are to be released;
- 19 digital remixes;
- rare and erased additional tracks;
- 10 recorded rehearsal unreleased until now;

Depeche Mode musical package is complete on iTunes

January 10, 2007 at 12:53 PM CET

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