Magda promises more music in 2007

The DJ form M_Nus announced in a recent interview for Resident Advisor that she wants to focus more on musical productions. So we can expect this year that she comes back with better singles than "Run Stop Restore" from 2005.

Magda is also the one who mixed the compilation "She's a Dancing Machine", a CD mix that has 70 tracks and was released at M_Nus in 2006. "I really have to be in the studio. I love DJing of course, but I really feel like I've had no time at all in the last six or seven months to do anything and I really need to. This is really the next goal – to just learn more and try to make something I'm happy with. I don't think I know enough yet as far as production goes", says Magda in the interview.

Magdalena Chojnacka comes form Poland. She grew up in the United States, which made her change her perception about music in general. In the last months, Magda took part in some very important events in cities like Boston, Zurich, London, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles.

Magda promises more music in 2007

January 15, 2007 at 8:00 PM CET

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