An interview with Nick Warren

You can tell when Nick Warren's on the decks. The music emanating from the man is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound. On the floor, where it really matters, his crowd experience all the peaks and troughs that make his music so unique.

Locking on early, you'll hear his deeper take on house which morphs, as the club mood changes, into harder territory, music for sweating and losing yourself to. And at that point when the light are low, when smoke fills the room and people are dancing on instinct, that's when the melodies start to rise over the top, washing the worries and exertions of life away, completing the club experience.

On February 20, 2007 Nick Warren will release 'Paris,' his 7th mix CD in the popular Global Underground mix series. With 'Paris' GU has reached its milestone GU030 release. We recently chatted with Nick Warren about his upcoming mix CD on Global Underground, about future releases with Jodi Wisternoff under the guise of Way Out West and a few other things.

An interview with Nick Warren

January 21, 2007 at 4:26 PM CET

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