Phonique starts his own record label

The well known Phonique, on his real name Michael Vater, announced that he will soon start his own record label. The new label, called 'Ladies&Gentlemen' will mainly release Phonique's best discoveries from various destinations. The first material to be released belongs to Boris Fox. It will be a three track EP called „Dancefloor Dude".

Phonique met Boris in a Marina, near Odessa, where Boris is regularly throwing House-parties and so decided to release his materials at his record label.

Phonique is a DJ and producer known for his releases at record labels like Dessous, Mood, Poker Flat, Crosstown Rebels, Brique Roue and many others. He has travelled all over the world and just to name some places, Helsinki, Paris, London, Marseille, Vienna, Brussels, San Francisco, Prague, Tel Aviv and of course Berlin.


A: Dancefloor Dude
B1: Deeper Sense
B2: Deeper Nonsense

Phonique starts his own record label

January 25, 2007 at 7:04 PM CET

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