The new album of Tom Novy

Tom Novy has recently released a new album, called 'Superstar'. The album has 16 tracks, come very fresh, but also his hits form the '90s as bonus.

Tom Novy was born on March 10th, 1970. his first released track was 'I love you' in 1995 and entered directly the Top 10 German Dance Chart. A year later he becomes known internationally with the track 'Superstar' which hits the 15th position in Germany and the first position in other 18 countries.

Tom Novy also presents some TV shows like "Dance Floor Charts", "Streetlife", "Battle of DJ's" and "Nightlife" from MTV, and "Mac Chart-Show" (2004) at Pro 7.

Track list:

1. Lovin' You
2. Take It
3. Your Body
4. Back To The Streets
5. Sweety
6. Without Your Love
7. Jackie
8. Music Is Wonderful
9. My House
10. Unexpected
11. Police And Thieves
12. It's Over
13. The Power
14. Superstar (Bonus track)
15. I Rock (Bonus track)
16. Now Or Never (Bonus track)

The new album of Tom Novy

February 7, 2007 at 8:50 AM CET

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