Satoshie Tomiie back to Renaissance

The Japanese Satoshie Tomiie has just finished the double CD compilation for Renaissance, 'The Masters Series'. This is the ninth volume of this successful series of mixes.

The compilation has some producers that will surely draw your attention: King Britt, DJ Yellow, Ripperton (the half of Lazy Fat People), Guy Gerber, Shlomi Aber and others

Satoshie Tomiie confesses that this compilation isn't just a copy of his club sets, but a fine selection of electronic music fit for every mix. After the success he had with his debut material at Renaissance, 3D, the owner of Saw Recordings comes back with a fresh mix.


CD 1:

1. Farra - Ripperton
2. The16th Machine - Bot'ox Meets Showgirls
3. Air Moves (Freestyle Man Discotronix Mix) - Phonogenic
4. Don't Push It (Original Mix) - Jimpster
5. Welcome To Zion (Original Mix) - King Roc
6. Don't Be Lonely (An2 Remix) - Vernon
7. The Right Wing - Nick Chacona
8. Darkroomboot (Sasse Elkatronix Rework) - Opus Ink
9. So That´s What Happens (Original Remix) - Herlihy + Torrance
10. Alienation 3/Beyond the Forest - DJ Yellow + King Britt
11. I Go Deep - Jim Rivers
12. Praise (Llorca Remix) - Art Of Tones
13. Aura (Jimpster Mix) - Motorcitysoul

CD 2:

1. Ahh (D'Julz Remix) - Thugfucker
2. I Need (DJ Fex Fexperimented Mix) - Marc Romboy vs. Robert Owens
3. Serotone (Radioslave's Panorama Garage Remix) - Matt O'Brien
4. Lose Control - Lance De Sardi Feat. Landshark
5. It's Your Time (Different Gear Remix) - Planet Funk
6. Moods Feat. Lemon - Shlomi Aber Presents BAO
7. Celofans (Original Mix) - Pablo Akaros
8. Flick It (Original Mix) - D'Julz
9. Sleeping In The Bass Box - Guy Gerber + Patrik K
10. Crop Duster - Shlomi Aber Presents BAO
11. Driven (Original Mix) - Estroe

Satoshie Tomiie back to Renaissance

February 9, 2007 at 9:16 PM CET

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