Jeff Mills goes fashion

The techno legend Jeff Mills will open in March a clothes shop in Chicago. The project belongs to Jeff and Yoko Uozumi, Oxis Records' manager. The shop is called Gama Player.

Once with the opening of this shop, Jeff Mills will release a compilation with some of his unreleased productions. The compilation is called ' The Universe by Night'.

The shop will have exclusive clothes created for Gama Player, but also clothes from famous brands like Gilles Rosier from Paris, Firma from Berlin, Bils from Turkey and Yoshiko Creation from Tokio.

Jeff Mills has proven that he is an open minded person, ready to try new things. A proof of this is his project with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Montpelier. You can see a demo of this project here.

Jeff Mills goes fashion

March 2, 2007 at 6:41 PM CET

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