Ten years of Tiefschwarz

With the occasion of ten years since they work together, the two brothers from Tiefschwarz will release a double mix CD on their own record label, Souvenir Music. It's been ten years since they first release the single "24 Seven" on the record label Continuemusic.

The first CD will feature a mix of Tiefschwarz, across their entire DJ career. At the same time as the second CD is an exclusive selection of the finest Tiefschwarz productions, remixed by their favorite producers and friends such as Radio Slave, Matias Aguayo, Shonky, Samim, Turntable Rocker, and Kiki to name but a few.

Alexander and Sebastian Schwarz. They came from Germany and they formed Tiefschwarz in 1996, with Peter Hoff, an important member of the production team. Tiefschwarz, which is German for "deep black", is a mixture of their last name and their love for deep house. Resident Djs in a German club, travel all over the world, do remixes, have albums...this is just to see a little of their activity as artists.


Disk 1:

1.Sebastian Tellier - Black Douleur
2.James Figurine - Apologies (DJ Koze Mix)
3.Pawel - Ceramics
4.Tuff Little Unit - Join Your Future
5.Osvaldo - Stella Called
6.Courtney Tidwell - Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled (Ewan Pearson Mix)
7.Marianne Faithfull - Broken English
8.Mia - Tanz Der Molekule (My My Original Mix)
9.Frankie - Bullshit (Ziggy Kinder Mix)
10.Groove Box - Casios Theme (MAW Flave Mix)
11.Ralphi Rosario - Una Cosa De Amour
12.Broke - Over That
13.Donnach Costello - 6.6
14.Brooks - Tell Somebody About The Beat
15.Recloose - Can I Take It (Carl Craig Mix)
16.Ron Trent - Altered States (Light City By Terrace)
17.Francesco Catalano - String Of Life
18.Flash And The Pan - Walking In The Rain

Disk 2:

1.Tiefschwarz - Troubled Man (Original Mix)
2.Tiefschwarz - Troubled Man (Ruede Hagelstein Mix)
3.Tiefschwarz - Ghostrack (Original Mix)
4.Tiefschwarz - Ghostrack (Shonky Mix)
5.Tiefschwarz - Original (Original Mix)
6.Tiefschwarz - Original (Samim 'Robidog' Mix)
7.Tiefschwarz - No More Trouble (Original Mix)
8.Tiefschwarz - No More Trouble (Turntablerocker Mix)
9.Tiefschwarz - On Up (Original Mix)
10.Tiefschwarz - On Up (Kiki & Silversurfer Mix)
11.Tiefschwarz - Blow (Original Mix)
12.Tiefschwarz - Blow (Radio Slave Mix)

The release date is May 7, 2007.

Ten years of Tiefschwarz

April 1, 2007 at 3:29 PM CEST

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