Spooky to release their third album

On June 26, electronic music pioneers Spooky (aka Charlie May and Duncan Forbes) return with their third studio album, the double-disc masterpiece Open. Featuring the vocals of Julie Daske and Celestine Gordon, 'Open' is a perfectly produced one-two punch of electronic soul and chill-out music released just in time for the summer.

On a historical level, Spooky are one of the most famous and important production outfits of the mid-1990's electronic music scene. Much like other top acts from the golden era - including Orbital and Underworld - Spooky always created music that went beyond a 4/4 simple beat and landed in a realm of beautiful song structures and soundscapes.

Known for their ability to weave in and out of genres, Spooky are most famous for their anthem "Little Bullet" (1993) and their top-selling debut LP "Gargantuan" (1993). They've also remixed some of the most memorable electronic music tracks of all time including Sven Vath's "An Accident In Paradise" and William Orbit's "Water From A Vine Leaf." Spooky have gained the reputation for having a can't-miss live show and have been touring with Sasha throughout the world. Their sets at The Warehouse Project in Manchester and Space in Ibiza have reached legendary status. There are plans for Sasha and Spooky to tour together around the release of Involver 2.

Spooky's Open LP is released on June 26 through their own Spooky.uk.com label


Disc 1:
1 Belong (Open Version)
2 New Light
3 No Return
4 What Are We Waiting For
5 Shelter
6 It's So Late
7 Strange Addiction
8 The River
9 An Ending

Disc 2:
1 Belong (Echospace dub)
2 What Are We Waiting For (Dub)
3 New Light In Dub
4 Shelter (Slow Phase)
5 No Return (Dorset Echo)
6 The River (Ambient)
7 Strange Addiction (Dub Addiction)
8 New Light (Slow)
9 Celeste

Spooky to release their third album

April 6, 2007 at 5:00 PM CEST

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