Motor releases Unhuman

The two British artists from Motor are set to release in May their second album on Nova Mute. The album features eleven tracks carries on from the age old themes explored by Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Isaac Azimov's Laws of Robotics and Kraftwerk's cybernetic interface.

After the last year's debut album, Klunk, industrial-techno-rock band Motor wanted to lead this album towards a new musical direction. "What's the fun of re-creating? It's always more fun to create something new, otherwise it's like being ruled by your own rules", one of the members, Dr. No, explained in an interview for Jonty Skrufff.

1. Bleep #1
2. Unhuman
3. Drunk Punk
4. 20 Volts Of Steel
5. Night Drive
6. Téte En Plastique
7. Don't Stop *us bonus track
8. Flashback
9. Re-format
10. AC 775
11. Sikk

Motor releases Unhuman

April 21, 2007 at 8:07 PM CEST

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