Argenis Brito on Cadenza

Micro Mundo is Argenis Brito's first appearance on Cadenza. The EP finds him finessing and refining his sound, honing it down to a carefully restrained groove that occasionally erupts into madness, snapping and hissing like a live wire. The release date is set to May.

This versatile Venezuelan musician and singer has blazed an indelible path across the Americas and Europe for over 20 years, first in the Latin American rock scene and, since the mid-'90s, as a collaborator and comrade-in-arms of many of the artists that have given contemporary electronic dance music a Latin twist. Moving from Caracas to New York to Santiago de Chile to Berlin, and having toured the world multiple times, Brito brings a uniquely rootless sensibility to his unconventional brand of house music.

Track list:

A1 Espejismo
A2 Amplified
B1 Cepe
B2 Uricao
C1 Mala Conducta
C2 Headlight
D1 Disconet
D2 Sensorial

Argenis Brito on Cadenza

May 6, 2007 at 6:38 PM CEST

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