Dumonde at Gatecrasher for New Years Eve

It may only be summer, but 2 of the most popular DJs at Gatecrasher, Jam-X & De Leon better known for their productions as Dumonde will be playing a mammoth 4 hour set this new years eve at Gatecrasher......

New Years Eve may still be a good 6 months off, but that hasn't stopped clubs already trying to organise lineups, and [i:Vibes] can bring some news about Gatecrasher @ the Republic Sheffield.....

Popular German duo Jam-X & De Leon will be playing a 4 hour liveset for the crowds at the republic. New Years Eve is always a special occasion, and this should be no different, as if others follow suit, there will be some extraordinary lineups to choose from to celebrate the new year.

Dumonde at Gatecrasher for New Years Eve

July 18, 2002 at 11:53 AM CEST

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