Marcus Intalex to release Fabriclive 35

Marcus Intalex, king of the more soulful and innovative side of drum'n'bass, sits in a slightly uncomfortable position on his throne. He is the one in charge to continue the Fabriclive compilation series, with number 35.

""Sometimes it's really difficult because - as the popular sound is moving away from what we do and our sound - I do go to DJ at some places and the crowd really doesn't like it. It's just hard sometimes. You kinda gotta take it the way it is. I don't change my sound because the crowd's not into it, I can't", Marcus says.

""What I decided to do is play a broad range of music, some reflecting the club environment, some reflecting the home environment. It leans a little more to the musical side and is quite varied in sound to keep it interesting. I'm well aware that a lot of drum'n'bass is not particularly listenable for people who like a bit of everything. I'm trying to put a good light on drum'n'bass and put some tunes on there that are interesting. I wanted to take the best drum'n'bass out there and put it together to make a good representation of what I think drum'n'bass is".


01. Calibre ft. Lariman – Over Reaction – Signature
02. Calibre – All The Days – Signature
03. Lynx ft. Kemo – Global Enemies – Soul:r
04. Commix – Faceless (Marcus Intalex Remix) – Shogun
05. Jonny L – Come Here – Mr L Records
06. Amaning vs. Dubwise – Smash V.I.P. – Soul:r
07. Soulmatic – Self Belief – Good Looking
08. Calibre ft. DRS – Hustlin' – Signature
09. Calibre – Mr Right On – Signature
10. Deadly Habit – Synesthesia (Theory Remix) – Tentative
11. Breakage – Clarendon – Digital Soundboy
12. Alix Perez and Lynx – Allegiance – Soul:r
13. Zero Tolerance ft. Steo – Refusal – Soul:r
14. Mistical – Time To Fly – Soul:r
15. Duo Infernale – Feeling Blue – Soul:r
16. Instra:mental – Pacific Heights – Darkestral
17. Bango Collective ft. Kemo and Dennis Jones – Apocalypse
18. Mistical – Groove Me – Soul:r
19. Alix Perez and Sabre – Solitary Native – SGN:LTD :LTD

Marcus Intalex to release Fabriclive 35

June 26, 2007 at 3:10 PM CEST

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