The Timewriter releases the fifth artist album

The new LP from Jean Jean Frank Cochois aka The Timewriter has been released on Plastic City. It features 15 tracks and it's called "Soulstickers".

Next to Terry Lee Brown Jr., The Timewriter would become THE most influential artist in the development of Plastic City as one of the major outlets for TechHouse in Germany and beyond. His albums and mix-compilations have gained The Timewriter an excellent international reputation. Fans and experts alike also agree on his more downbeat-oriented project JFC with releases on Elektrolux a.o.

His new album comes with some soulful music, a house atmosphere, warm.

Track listing:

Resetting The Clocks (1:04)
Zero (6:24)
Handsome Machine (6:05)
Is This Life (7:56)
Circling On A Train Of Thoughts (0:52)
Flicking Pages (6:45)
Sunshine In The Backyards (1:16)
Vintage Circuits (6:55)
Heartstring (7:13)
Revealing The Sound (6:42)
Mary's Wisdom (5:44)
Euphoria Days (1:32)
Blue Sky (5:58)
Night Train (5:12)
Soulstickers (4:15)

The Timewriter releases the fifth artist album

July 9, 2007 at 3:59 AM CEST

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