Ricardo Villalobos mixes Fabric 36

Ricardo Villalobos, an artist in the truest sense of the word, has the incredible ability to passionately create within the realms of one of electronic music's most pared down and perhaps consciously restrictive genres, yet create his own sound, his own expansive dynamic, to be shared with the rest of the world. This is his first Fabric mix CD.

"I started to play conga and bongos; I was listening to percussive and South American music at the time. In a way, the electronic music we listen to when we dance is very similar to African and South American percussion music. I was just a little kid, always looking on and recognising something that was making people dance. This has always really fascinated me. As a musician, you are searching for that your whole life. I'm constantly on a search for the truth about the dance floor - why do people dance, what's the secret behind it." – Ricardo Villalobos

As he dove deep into the world of electronic music and continued on with his quest to discover the secrets behind dance floors, Ricardo began throwing illegal parties around Germany. These parties led to his warm introduction to the Playhouse family, who welcomed his innovative productions with open arms. Records were spun, records were pressed, labels were opened (and closed shortly afterwards – "It's not really my thing to run a label"), and a blink of his rapt eyes saw his DJing and production careers had both exploded beyond his wildest expectations. Naturally, he enjoys the opportunity to give his rhythmic, percussive melodic sound such a large platform, but with this stance comes the inevitability of the one problem that has haunted him throughout his vibrantly successful career: hype.

"Of course I love to DJ and it's nearly never a job. It's always a voluntary thing, I really do like and love to play and like and love make people dance. But I hate when there is too much hype and people love you because of nothing, even when they don't know you, even when they've never heard a record of yours played. The people are so devoted, but they're not really concentrating on the music, it's only this hyped thing. But most of the time, I really love it and I'm very dedicated."


01. Groove 1880 – Ricardo Villalobos
02. Perc and Drums – Ricardo Villalobos
03. Moongomery – Ricardo Villalobos
04. Farenzer House § - Ricardo Villalobos
05. M.Bassy – Ricardo Villalobos & Patrick Ense
06. Mecker – Ricardo Villalobos
07. 4 Wheel Drive – Ricardo Villalobos & Jorge Gonzales
08. Fizpatrick - Ricardo Villalobos & Patrick Ense
09. Andruic & Japan – Ricardo Villalobos & Andrew Gillings
10. Organic Tranceplant – Ricardo Villalobos
11. Prevorent – Ricardo Villalobos
12. Fumiyandric 2 – Ricardo Villalobos & Fumiya Tanaka
13. Won't You Tell Me – Ricardo Villalobos
14. Primer Encuentro Latino-Americano (based on a same named song of: Los Jaivas and Manduka) - Ricardo Villalobos
15. Chropuspel Zündung – Ricardo Villalobos

Release Date: fabric first members: 04/09/07 uk/r.o.w. retail: 10/09/07 usa retail: 23/10/07

Ricardo Villalobos mixes Fabric 36

August 1, 2007 at 3:52 PM CEST

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