Lee Burridge grabs Balance 012

Lee Burridge is an inventive genius and manufacturer of great house music. This 3CD beauty is testament to that. Choca-full with the different elements of house music today, he fuses together the minimal to the techier acid-tinged numbers, the big room tracks and a few things you wouldn't expect.

"I always look on a mix CD project as a way of sharing, what is my opinion, good music with music freaks." Says Lee, and this album truly embodies the very essence of what Lee is about.

Although all 3 CDs are different, there is a consistency, a fluidity that makes this release stand out.

"I wanted to make them all work as stand alone CD's but still all fit together like a club set. I truly feel there is a real journey if you play them one after the other" says Lee. This album really does compel repeated listening.

Having featured the likes of James Holden, Chris Fortier, Desyn Masiello, Paolo Mojo and Luke Fair, Australia's 'Balance' series have become an industry benchmark, to support its highly anticipated release, Lee will be embarking on a world tour .

In a career that now spans two decades, Lee is a globally acclaimed DJ who regularly appears in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ list, and has rocked iconic festivals like Exit, Creamfields, Love Parade, Dance Valley, Ultra, Acafest and Coachella. He is an integral part Fabic, which is arguably one of the most pioneering clubs in the world.

He's commanded no less than four compilations and has thrown his own fun fuelled parties at the Miami Winter Music Conference for the last three years' running. Lee's Miami shindigs are what DJs go to when they have some free time and want to cause havoc. Lee is of course only to happy to oblige and you can expect more of the same at WMC 2008.

Track list:

CD 1:
1. Ripperton - 10A
2. Efdemin - Bergwein
3. Lazy Fat People - Club Silencio
4. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tristesse
5. Dettman & Klock - Dawning
6. Jacek Sienkiewicz - Good Luck
7. Ferrer & Sydenham - The Back Door
8. Hug - The Angry Ghost
9. H.O.S.H. - Steppenwolf
10. The Viewers - Blank Images
11. Marcus Worgull - Dragon Loop
12. Jose Padilla - Adios Ayer (Paul Daley Mix)

CD 2:
1. Onur Ozer - Orion
2. Henry & Denis - Catabolism (Efdemin Mix)
3. Pheek - Magda Had a Little Troll (Gurtz Mix)
4. Phage & Daniel Dreier - Elevator
5. Reynold - Bumper
6. Davide Squillace and Alfa Romero - We Scick
7. Super Flu - Lady in Pink
8. Baby Ford and Mark Broom - Bubblebath
9. Broke - Over That
10. Tigerskin - Plagiat
11. Onur Ozer - Red Cabaret (Overture)
12. Spider & Bird - Paris
13. Jorge Savoretti - Claridad *
14. Martin Buttrich - Programmer

CD 3:
1. Tomas Andersson - Dubbel Problematik
2. H-Man - 51 Poland Street (Extrawelt Tool)
3. Luca Bacchetti - Rolling Brooklyn
4. Gabriel Ananda - Trommelstunde
5. Alexi Delano & Xpansul - Antioxidation
6. Rejected - Cliche
7. Autotune - Dirty (Woody Mix)
8. Paul Ritch - Samba
9. Alexi Delano & Xpansul - Vegetotherapy
10. Allan Banford - White Geishas
11. Par Grindvik - Do us Apart
12. Bukkadoor & Fishbeck - Polterabend
13. Patrice Baumel - Just Electricity

Lee Burridge grabs Balance 012

August 9, 2007 at 5:04 PM CEST

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