Pete Tong and Superbass release Wonderland

Renaissance release their 50th single in jubilant party style with an offering from a trio who need little introduction – Pete Tong, Paul Harris & Jay P. 'Wonderland' is the title of Pete's Ministry of Sound residence which in turn takes its inspiration from Pure Pacha, his famed weekly Ibiza night, now in its fourth season.

"'Pure Pacha' combines musical quality and glamour, with aspiration and escapism," says Pete, "A 'wonderland' for grown-ups who don't want to grow up just yet...!"

To capture the sound of Wonderland, Tong turned to two producers whose CV's read like a who's who of dance - Paul Harris and Jay P - aka Superbass. Paul's highlights include his work as Dirty Vegas and Hydrogen Rockers, whilst Jay P's projects include Reflekt, Essenvee and Stretch & Vern. As Superbass they have released through the UK's most respected labels such as CR2 and more recently, Toolroom.

'Wonderland' is a deep-house excursion, a combination of driving bass, chopped melody and off-the-wall FX. 'Original' pumps out isolated chords that dual with an infectious, fractured top-line. 'Superbass Dub' drops the crunchy top-line in favour of falling deep into instantly recognisable bottom line.

Pete Tong and Superbass release Wonderland

September 4, 2007 at 7:29 PM CEST

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